A tribute to Anne Buckley

Anne Buckley, 12th April 1957 – 13th February 2020

Written by Hannah and Amy Buckley

Our Mum, Anne Buckley, was a founding member of the UKHCA. Often, a parent’s work life is a mysterious thing which they go away to do. For us Mum’s profession was her calling, permeating all areas of her life.

From a young age Mum’s caring nature came through – she volunteered in soup kitchens aged about 14 and then began working with young people with disabilities before moving into adult care working in and eventually managing Hawthordon, a residential home in South Manchester.

When we were three years old, Mum decided to leave residential care and start her own business, Independent Care.

The business has been a huge part of our family’s life and something we are most proud of. She built Independent Care from the attic of our home with two small children and over the last 30 plus years has touched and improved the lives of so many people, whilst also supporting and loving her family immensely.

This is no small feat. We are so proud of the ethos Mum brought to Independent Care and of course we wish we’d told her this more often.

Within her professional life Mum was committed to her clients but also the surrounding issues pertaining to the industry. Consequently she was vocal about the issues she, the carers and clients faced and proactive about making change. Her decision to become a founding member of the United Kingdom Homecare Association was indicative of this approach – Mum knew that the way to make change was through community. Over the years she has fought hard for the dignity of her clients and also for the hard work and value of carers to be recognised.

Some of her achievements include;

  • Enabling private companies proper access to training through her role on the Stockport Training Partnership Board,
  • Ensuring a good standardised level of training was made available to all carers. She represented the Homecare providers on the Safeguarding Board for Stockport,
  • Provided Safeguarding Training for Stockport Adult Social Care.
  • In 2002/3, Mum, together with other providers in the local area, lobbied hard for carers to get a fair rate of pay within Stockport and managed to secure a huge increase.
  • In 2015, Mum traveled to The Houses of Parliament with Gail Jarrett to represent Stockport in ‘The Save Our Homecare Campaign’.
  • She was also on the radio on ‘BBC 5 Live’ campaigning for fair pay to homecare workers and on a panel to be the voice of Homecare for the Brexit effects of the Care Sector.

Over the last few years working in social care has become more and more pressurised and difficult and Mum felt this deeply. In the weeks after Mum’s death many many people have told us how Mum has supported, guided and helped them over the years. We know Mum lives on in these moments and it is truly comforting.  We would like to thank her staff for their care and hard work over the last 30 years. In the aftermath of Mum’s death and with their own grief they have continued to keep the business running and support the community.

The sudden loss of our Mum has brought us unexpected heartbreak and we know that the pain of her loss runs wide and deep. Yet there is solace in knowing that she genuinely changed people’s lives for the better.  Whilst we have not gone into the field our ideas, views and values in regards to care and the elderly have been immeasurably shaped by Mum and we are grateful to take these values into our lives.

All of us at UKHCA will remember Anne for her commitment to what she passionately believed in. She was instrumental in drafting our first code of practice and drafted our first complaints procedure. We will always remember all her help and assistance taking on the many challenges that face the sector.

Anne Buckley and granddaughter Wren