Good news from the homecare sector – Homecare Day 2019

News from Domestic Care Group in Northern Ireland

A carer, with 21 years’ service, has been working on the same run mostly all of this time in an area that is very difficult for both SEHSCT (South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust) and BHSCT (Belfast Health and Social Care Trust) to get capacity.  The client feedback is exceptional with regards to the service that they receive.  The carer is reported as ‘fantastic’, ‘would be lost without her’, ‘nothing is too much for her’.  The carer is also a vital member of the growing business with an exemplary attendance and employment record.

A 51 year old male was contemplating suicide when the carer arrived on Saturday night.  The gentleman is an alcoholic. The care plan had no involvement in meds but the carer acted quickly and was very emotionally responsive to the service user.  PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) and ambulance were contacted as a result.  The PSNI took no action apart from giving the carer the 6 months’ worth of meds that he had stashed to use. They said he would be fine and left.  Between the care company’s carer, the on call member of staff and the social worker they fought to secure the man a placement in a suitable medical placement. 

The client was extremely thankful for the kindness and support that he was given and stated that he would have been in a very different situation had the staff not given the support and worked so hard for him.

Primary Homecare in Ipsiwch rated Outstanding

Primary Homecare

Primary Homecare in Ipswich has recently been inspected and has been rated as an Outstanding Service by the CQC. Established for over 17 years, it is owned and run by Directors, Mrs Prema Fairburn and her son David. It has strong family values and that is reflected in the fact that her other sons, Adrian and Jonathan are also involved in the business and her nephew Alex heads up the IT department.  

At the recent inspection CQC found that the clients were being provided with safe, responsive, caring, effective and a well- led provision.

The report showed that Primary Homecare is very well led and extremely responsive, as well as having robust quality systems in place and all the staff are passionate and committed to giving the highest standard of care.

Primary Homecare had excellent feedback from their clients who all look forward to their visits from the friendly staff.

Operations manager, Julie Mills said “Staff morale has always been high at Primary Homecare but since gaining a highly commended Award at Suffolk Care Awards this year, getting rated Outstanding by CQC has just put the icing on the cake!”

Crown Homecare’s positive culture change

Jodie Packham ‘Director’ at Crown Home Care:

Crown Home Care have recently spent a lot of time with the team developing the culture and leadership within the organisation. Carers have chosen their own culture and more specifically how they would like to work. They also nominate each other if they feel they have done a great job. helping to improve team cohesion and morale.

Improving team cohesion and team motivation helps make the carers feel empowered. This brings great care to the community that is delivered daily and live in care to the South East of England.

Investing in assessment tools for carers when recruited, has also made a big difference. This helps them in onboarding them and then coaching in their career as carers. This then makes them feel comfortable, understood and also highlights any risk areas.

Trinity Homecare scoop award

Pictured from left to right: Derek Brougham (Operations Director), Melony Fairchild (Director of Care), Mike Smith (CEO), and Ian Carlisle (Chairman)

Trinity Homecare recently won a Surrey Care Award for Innovation and Good Practice in Recruitment.

The Surrey based provider were also nominated in the following categories.

  • Care team of the year
  • Excellence in delivering Dementia care
  • Care provider of the year

A Trinity Homecare spokesperson said:

Being nominated for so many awards left us all feeling really overwhelmed. To have won another award for the third year running really meant a lot to all of us and allowed us to feel appreciated in knowing that we are doing an outstanding job. We would like to congratulate the entire team at Trinity Homecare for their continual efforts. In particular, we would like to thank the recruitment team, learning and development team and our board of directors, pictured below.

The Persistence of Memory

“The Persistence of Memory” painted by Salvador Dalí in 1931, sometimes referred to by more descriptive titles, such as “Melting Clocks”. What does this have to do with providing care?

One of our customers painted it and gave it to Bluebird Care (Canterbury & Thanet) carer Lindsey Booth.  In Lindsey’s words this is how it came about:

“I first started visiting AC in February, on my first visit he apologised profoundly for having too many to drink, he was late in answering the door because he had a little accident. I told him there was no need to apologise and cleaned up. Gladly I went about my duties (Cleaning call). Whilst cleaning I noticed some exceptionally well painted pictures hanging on the wall and some in carrier bags in his bedroom (when I was changing the bed). On closer inspection of the pictures on the walls I noticed they were signed by AC.  At the end of the call I asked if I could sit with him and do my notes. I made sure he had his lifeline on first as he looked quite tired. Whilst I was sitting there, I asked did he have any children? What I thought to be a harmless question, AC said he and his wife did have a child but he was in a car accident and his boy died. He was only in his 20s. It was my turn to apologise profoundly. AC said it was a long time ago a not to worry.

As time went on, at the end of each call I would sit and talk to AC getting to know him a little better. Things like, what music he liked (The Composer Wilhelm Richard Wagner) best known for the music Flight of Valkyries. AC didn’t like that piece though. He also was opening up more and more and told me he listened Black Sabbath as well, he came to like it due to his son playing it when he was alive.

AC opened up about anxiety issues and said he had never been a people person.  I asked him about his painting and he said he painted when he was at school and took it up again when his son died, but had not painted in along time. I said that was a shame because he is very talented in my opinion.

On my next visit I went and sat with AC at the end of my call. He had a photo album out and asked would I like to see some of the paintings he has sold, OMG. Amazing.

AC also had art books on his living room floor. On the end of one visit I started looking through the famous art work. Saying which ones I liked, I found one that spoke to me. Salvador Dali. I didn’t read what the painting was called I just said it reminded me of how precious time is and if we are not careful how time can slip through our fingers and literally melt away.

Knowing that this is not a style AC would normally paint in I asked him what he thought. He said it was not his style but he could paint it. I was surprised, as by his own admission he had not painted for a very long time.

I didn’t expect anything, but on my next visit there was a blank canvas, (dare I hope?).  AC informed me at the end of the visit he was going to paint the picture that spoke to me. On each visit AC seemed a lot brighter and the house is beginning to smile again. The painting is coming along nicely and is bringing AC along with it.”  

Unfortunately, AC has now passed away.  However, Bluebird Care (Canterbury & Thanet) are extremely proud of the fantastic work that Lindsey did with this gentleman and she also has the gratitude of his family. Lindsey now has the finished painting at home and loves it.