Good news stories and innovation from the homecare sector – Early-Mid May 2021

Here are some of the good news stories and examples of innovation our members have been sharing about homecare on social media in the past few weeks. If you’d like to be featured in a future blog send in your good news stories and examples of innovation to [email protected]

Daughter of Bluebird Care Winchester careworker dresses as her mum for Super Heroes Day

Careworker saves the day at Guardian Angels Worthing

Careworker Lucy Earle has come to the aid of two separate passers-by outside the Guardian Angels Worthing office in recent weeks. Her manager explains:  
“The first time, an elderly gentleman had a fall outside of the office and Lucy rushed to assist him. Lucy checked he was ok and offered to call for medical assistance which he declined. Lucy took a chair outside to enable the gentleman to get himself up and have a sit down and recover before he went off on his way again, Lucy offered for him to come into the office, but he politely declined although he was extremely grateful for her help.
“The second time Lucy and her team leader Tara Hoadley rushed to the rescue of another elderly gentleman who had come out of the bank next door with a large sum of cash in his hands. The wind was extremely strong, and the man dropped all the money which flew everywhere. Tara and Lucy ran outside, ran down the street, crawled under cars, stopped traffic, and collected all the money for the gentleman and returned it to him. Thank you for always going above and beyond and showing compassionate care in what you do.”

Beach trip for Right at Home Portsmouth

Beauty treatment for client at Helping Hands Homecare Weston-super-Mare

Shopping trip for client and careworker at Caremark Chichester

MP visit to Crossroads Care Gloucestershire

Careworker thanks from Home Instead Beverley and Hull

Fundraising from Mumbys Live-In Care

Charity fundraising from Christies Care Southampton

And finally, teambuilding TikTok’ing from Kare Plus Newcastle