Guest blog: How Selecting the Right Uniform Supplier Can Save you time & Money as well as help reduce your staff Turnover

Guest blog from commercial members The Carewear People

Choosing the right uniform supplier may initially appear straightforward, but finding a company that shares your care organisation’s values is incredibly important. Selecting the right supplier will save you valuable time, reduce costs and help ensure that your staff get to wear the most comfortable and professional uniforms currently available.

The first thing your stakeholders often see and interact with is one of your hard working careworkers. What your careworker is wearing will project the image of your company. Clean professional uniforms that are vibrant in colour will project confidence & professionalism to your valued clients and their families.

When looking for a high quality uniform supplier there are some key pitfalls to avoid:

7 potential problems when selecting a uniform supplier who might not be a good fit with your care company

  1. Small range of care garments – they offer only a single care brand or type of uniform
  2. Poor stock levels which can result in delays with delivery
  3. Lack of customer service and support from the supplier
  4. High cost of uniforms when a cheaper brand option might be available
  5. The size range is too small or the garments don’t fit our wearers
  6. The supplier is not able to offer us competitive value for money pricing
  7. Our supplier can’t provide us with free (no obligation) sample garments

7 Benefits of selecting a uniform supplier that is a perfect fit for you and your business!

  1. You can request free no obligation trial garment samples
  2. You have access to the largest range of care garments, styles & brands available
  3. You are offered both money saving options as well as more premium garments
  4. As a UKHCA member you receive instant 30 day credit terms
  5. You are offered a “free sizing service” and a “perfect fit guarantee”
  6. Your supplier shares your care values and looks after you consistently
  7. Your supplier only offers very well stocked care brands and styles in a great range of sizes and colours

There are many uniform suppliers you could choose from but we would always advise selecting a uniform company who actually specialises in supplying the care sector. A company that offers the widest range of care tunics, scrubs , polo shirts, care trousers as well as fleece and softshell jackets will provide you with a convenient “one stop shop” uniform solution which will save you both time and money.

At this time of year your supplier should be able to offer you a great choice of super lightweight tunics, scrubs and polo shirts which will help keep your team cool and comfortable in warmer weather. Staff who are provided with cool and comfortable clothing in high quality lightweight or stretch fabrics are more likely to want to stay with your organisation than those who have clothing that is either too warm or is uncomfortable to wear.

Finally your supplier should offer a high quality embroidery service (enabling you to add your care company logo to your care garments). Professional care garments with your embroidered care logo will help market your company and a professional image to all stakeholders.  Stakeholders can also easily identify your company’s careworkers which provides additional security and confidence.

For more information about Mister Uniform visit their website.

You can also contact their uniform expert – David Pinnock on either 07787 501 835 or 0117 32 52 199 or alternatively David can be emailed directly on [email protected]