New government must now deliver on PM’s social care promises

On his first day in office last July, the Prime Minister made a commitment to “fix the crisis” in state-funded social care, with a clear plan “to give every older person the dignity and security they deserve”.

The General election result means that the UK now has a majority government and must deliver on the PM’s promises for social care. This must be wider than simply focusing on older people or protecting housing assets to fund future care costs. It must also respect people’s preferences to live well and independently at home, ensuring affordable and accessible services.

The new government is likely to complete the UK’s exit from the European Union. This will need a migration system which ensures that social care and health employers are able to meet the needs of our ageing population. It will require the ability to recruit non-British nationals when the domestic workforce is unable to meet demand. Clarity on the UK’s future migration policy is therefore an urgent priority.

UKHCA has called on the new government to deliver seven priorities on social care:

  1. Make care and support at home an affordable and available option for everyone who needs it
  2. Relieve pressure on the NHS by effective use of homecare
  3. Recognise the contribution of homecare workers and develop and expand the workforce
  4. Make it easier for people who are willing or able to fund their own care and support at home to plan and pay for services
  5. Create a strong and resilient state-funded social care market
  6. Ensure the public are protected through consistent social care regulation
  7. Promote quality, innovation and best practice in homecare services

To read the manifesto which we published before the election, click here.