Take three minutes to find out your potential risk of cyber-crime

Guest blog from Towergate Insurance

With cyber-attacks becoming ever more widespread and sophisticated, businesses need to be sure that they have got the right protection in place. This threat is further compounded by the increased working from home mandates issued and the general confusion caused by the measures brought in to minimise the spread of the Coronavirus. A report conducted in April by TSB Bank plc found that 42% of people suspect they have been the target of phishing attacks during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Towergate Insurance, the preferred insurance supplier of United Kingdom Home Care Association, advise people to make sure that they are aware of what risks they could potentially face. For example, you may want to think about:

  1. What support does your insurance provide if you suffer a data breach?
  2. Have you got cover for reinstating data?
  3. If you’re subject to a regulatory investigation, are your costs covered?

What should you do if your business suffers a cyber or data attack?

Below is Towergate Insurance’s 3 step checklist that you may find helpful.

  • Log and monitor any suspicious activity. This can help to inform you as soon as a breach happens, giving you a chance to respond quickly and limit potential damage.
  • Regularly back up your data and store it on a separate server. This will make it easier to access data, reducing downtime in the event of a breach.
  • Regularly change your passwords and install multi factor authentication – if you can, adopt a system that automatically implements a two-factor authentication this will give you additional protection should a password be breached.

If you don’t have cyber and data protection insurance, Towergate can create a policy tailored to your needs that provides cover for a range of different cyber-attack scenarios. As well as being able to give you an idea of how at risk you could be and what level of protection may be best suited to your business, we can also provide advice and assistance in getting the right Cyber and Data insurance in place.

Visit www.towergateinsurancebrokerscyber.co.uk/stevenage/index.php or call 01438 739891 and our dedicated team will be able to discuss a range of insurance solutions with you, including Cyber and Data, Care Home, Domiciliary Care and more. You can also email [email protected] to arrange the best time for a telephone conversation.

Free access to COVID-19 Information Hub

Towergate are here to support the care sector during this difficult time and our dedicated COVID-19 information hub is available for you to utilise. This online hub includes a link to a free Health and Safety and Employment Law hub provided by our commercial partners, Ellis Whittam, as well as there being many business planning articles and risk alerts available for you to download, to advise, guide and support you in this unprecedented situation.

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